My name is Sarah, I'm 16. My birthday is on the 19th of July. I live in South Florida. Stats | diet | work out | thinsperation I did this because I thought it would be better to follow people that are also doing weight lose and so i could reblog things from them and put it onto this blog to help me lose weight and do different things and learn weight loss from other people.
CW: 168 WG: 120

Okay, so heres an update.

I ended up losing about 40 pounds. I’m still losing weight. I’m really proud of myself, I got my belly button pierced and yayaya :D

I haven’t gone to the gym in like 2-3 weeks.

I’m surprised I could keep my weight the same for all this time, I need to start going back.

I failed ):

I’m a failure in life in general. I don’t even know why I try.

I gained all my weight back.

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Can someone recommend me some HEALTHY weight loss blogs?